The below instructions will provide direction on how to connect the kiosk to a new Internet Service Provider, or update the WiFi password, if necessary. Start by clicking the link for the type of device to be configured:

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Reconfiguring WiFi on a 42 Inch or Larger Touchscreen

Parts Needed

This process requires the use of a USB keyboard

Step 1

Turn off the Chromebox by holding the power button down for 5 seconds. When complete the power light will be off.

Step 2

Connect a USB Keyboard to the front of the Chromebox.

Step 3

Turn the Chromebox back on, and as it’s booting up, press Ctrl + Alt + S repeatedly. If done correctly, the Chromebox login screen should appear (see below).

Please note: if the Catalog Kiosk app loads, repeat step 3 until the Chromebox login screen appears

Step 4

Click on the time in the bottom right to have the system tray appear. Once it appears, click on the WiFi option, which will say “No network”

Step 5

Next, a list of available networks will appear. Choose the desired WiFi connection from the list:

Step 6

When prompted, enter in the WiFi password, then choose “Connect”

Step 7

Once connected to the network, click on “Apps” on the bottom left corner of the screen, click on “Wondersign Catalog Kiosk” to launch the app.

Reconfiguring WiFi on a 22 Inch Touchscreen

Step 1

Access the kiosk’s Control Panel by pressing the “Home + Power” buttons simultaneously, as indicated below:

If prompted for a password to access the control panel, enter “1elo”

Step 2

From the kiosk’s control panel menu, select “Network”.

Step 3

From the list of available WiFi networks, tap the network you wish to connect the device to, then enter the network’s password. Once connected, a green check mark will be displayed next to the name of the network:


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