If prices do not appear on the kiosk, it is because they are not enabled in Catalog App Manager. Follow the steps below to enable and configure pricing on your kiosk.

Step 1 - Log In

In the Google Chrome web browser, login to my.catalogkiosk.com using your email address and password. This is the Catalog App Manager, it allows you to edit the content and features displayed on your Catalog Kiosk.

Step 2 - Navigate to Devices and Select Device

To edit the appearance of prices, navigate to the device management page by clicking Devices in the top menu bar. Then, select the device you want to customize by clicking the Gear Icon.

Step 3 - Enable or Disable Prices

To enable or disable prices, click the drop down next to Price Display, then select the button next to Show to enable or Don’t Show to disable.

Step 4 - Pricing Symbol

Once pricing has been enabled, choose to Show/Don't Show the currency symbol, and adjust what symbol is being used.

Step 5 - Price Label Options

The Show/Don't Show options give the ability to enable or disable the price label for the product (Ex. Retail Price, List Price, Rental Rate):

Step 6 - Choose Font Color

The Font Color symbol will change the color of the text:

Step 7 - Text Style

The text section is used to edit the way in which the text will show in the specified field:

  1. B - this button will make the desired text Bold

  2. I - this button will make the desired text Italicized

  3. S - this button will display the desired text with a Strikethrough

Step 8 - Edit Label Text

The Text fields will allow customization of the pricing labels that appear next to the Retail and List prices. The Call to Action can also be edited from this screen:

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