Websites, such as a store website, social media site, or financing website, can be accessed from the kiosk. Follow the instructions below for adding websites to the kiosk.

Please Note: The kiosk needs a stable Internet connection to display websites. For security reasons, popup windows are not supported.

Adding and Managing Websites on an Individual Device or Device Group

In a Google Chrome web browser, log in to my.catalogkiosk.com.

After successfully logging in, navigate to the Device management page of the Catalog App Manager by clicking on Devices from the navigation menu across the top of the page.

Enabling and Disabling the Website Menu on the Kiosk

To update the websites on an individual device, click on the name of the device (1). To update websites on a group of devices, click on the Settings icon for the desired group (2).

If updating websites on an individual device, click Settings on the Device detail screen.

Navigate to the Advanced Configuration section and click on the drop down arrow, then choose Show to enable websites on the kiosk.

Please Note: If updating the logo on an individual device, click Override in order to upload a new logo.

Choosing a Label for the Kiosk Website Button

Once websites are enabled on the kiosk, other options for managing websites will be made available. The Website Menu Label field will effect what the client will see at the top of the kiosk to show there are websites available.

Adding a Website to the Website Menu

The Web URL field is where web addresses for the sites can be entered.

Step 8

The Website Name is the name that the client will see on your device.

Step 9

Once the desired information has been entered, click Add this website.

Changing the Order of the Websites in the Website Menu

The Up/Down Arrows can be used to adjust the order in which the websites will display on the kiosk.

Editing or Deleting an Existing Website

The X Button can be used to delete a website from the kiosk.

Once you have completed your changes, scroll to the top right and click on "Save Changes" which will make the changes available with the next download.

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