If a yellow exclamation point is displaying on your kiosk, follow the instructions below to resolve the issue.

Parts Required

Before starting, gather the following parts:

  1. USB Keyboard
  2. Paperclip

Step 1

Connect the USB Keyboard to the Chromebox

Step 2

Press Ctrl + D on the keyboard

Step 3

When the below screen appears, press the recovery button by pushing a paperclip into the Chromebox recovery button hole

Step 4

When the below screen appears, press the spacebar on the keyboard, then press Enter to confirm

Step 5

Once Enter is pressed, the below screen will appear, and the Chromebox will reboot

Step 6

Once powered on, the Chromebox will display the first setup screen. Press the Tab key on the keyboard to navigate to the "Select a Network" section. After configuring your WiFi connection, tap Continue:

Please Note: If you are using a wired LAN connection, there is no need to choose a WIFi network; the Chromebox will connect automatically

Step 7

Please read the Google OS Terms carefully, and then hit “Accept and Continue”

Step 8

On the login screen appears (see below), press Ctrl + Alt + E on the keyboard to switch to the “Enterprise Enrollment” screen

Step 9

Once on the Enterprise Enrollment Screen, enter the login credentials for the Wondersign Service being used:

Kiosk Login Credentials

- User Name: catk-enroll@wondersign.com

- Password: wondersign

Posterboard Login Credentials

- User Name: poster@wondersign.com

- Password: Wondersign

Step 10

After successful enrollment, the below screen will appear. Press Enter to proceed

Step 11

The Chromebox will automatically install and launch the Wondersign application

Please Note: Depending on which Wondersign service you logged into in step 11, the screen above will be slightly different, but will still feature a plain white background, and a status of the application's launch.

Step 12

Once the application is launched, the device will download any updates, and return to normal operation. If a 6-digit pairing code appears, see How Do I Activate a Device with the Pairing Code

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