This issue is caused by logging in with a personal e-mail address instead of completing the Enterprise Enrollment. To resolve the issue, perform a wipe (factory reset) on the Chromebox. Instructions are below; be sure to follow step 11 carefully.


Parts Required

Before you get started, please gather the following tools:

  1. USB Keyboard

  2. Paperclip

Step 1

Turn off the Chromebox by holding the power button down for 5 seconds. When complete the power light will be off.

Step 2

Connect a USB Keyboard to the front of the Chromebox, and put a paperclip into the recovery button hole.

Step 3

Press down the recovery button with the paperclip while turning on the Chromebox.

Please Note: the image above is for an Asus brand Chromebox. The power button may look slightly different with a different model but will be located on the front or top of the Chromebox.

Step 4

As the screen boots up, a yellow/orange exclamation point will appear. Now, press Ctrl+D on the keyboard.

Step 5

When the below screen appears, press the recovery button with the paperclip again.

Step 6

When the below screen appears, press the spacebar on the keyboard, then press Enter to confirm.

Step 7

The screen below will appear, and the Chromebox will reboot.

Step 8

Once powered on, the Chromebox will display the first setup screen. Press the Tab key on the keyboard to navigate to the "Select a Network" section. After configuring your WiFi connection, select Continue.

Please Note: If you are using a wired LAN connection, there is no need to choose a WIFi network; the Chromebox will connect automatically.

Step 9

Please read the Google OS Terms carefully, and then select Accept and Continue.

Step 10

Once the login screen appears (see below), choose an option to get to the enrollment screen:

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+E.

  • Click More options - Enterprise enrollment (not available on Chromebook tablets)

Step 11

Once on the Enterprise Enrollment Screen, enter the login credentials for the Wondersign Catalog Kiosk application.

Enterprise Enrollment Login Credentials

User Name: catk-enroll@wondersign.com

Password: wondersign

Step 12

After successful enterprise enrollment, the below screen will appear. Press Enter to proceed.

Step 13

The Chromebox will automatically install and launch the Wondersign application.

Step 14

Once the application is launched, the device will download any updates, and return to normal operation. If a 6-digit pairing code appears, see How Do I Activate a Device with the Pairing Code.

Please Note: If the device provides an error stating “No products assigned” (see image below), visit my.catalogkiosk.com to assign products & pricing. For instructions on assigning products & pricing, visit this help article: How Do I Manage What Products I Want to Display in My Catalog?

Step 15

The kiosk will now download the store’s assigned products directly to the kiosk.

Step 16

The Kiosk’s Attractor Screen will now be displayed, and the Kiosk will be fully operational.

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