If email, text message, and website buttons disappear or stop working, this indicates a loss of internet connection. As soon as a connection has been established again, the buttons will re-appear - no reboot is necessary. Follow the steps below to diagnose and help resolve the issue.


Step 1 - Tap and Hold the Store Logo

To ensure kiosk is online, tap and hold on the store's logo, which is located on the top left corner of the kiosk screen, for 10+ seconds.

Step 2 - Check Internet Status

When the logo menu appears, determine the status of your internet connection.

Step 3 - Check WiFi Signal or Connection

If the device is offline, ensure WiFi signal in store is working, or if using a wired connection, ensure the cable is plugged in. If a WiFi signal needs to be configured, visit: I Changed ISP's or Updated the WiFi Password, and Now the Kiosk Can't Connect to the Internet.

Step 4 - Check Catalog App Manager Settings

If the device is online, the email and text message buttons may be disable in the Catalog App Manager. To check, begin by launching a Google Chrome web browser and navigate to my.catalogkiosk.com.

Step 5 - Log In

In the Google Chrome web browser, login to my.catalogkiosk.com using your email address and password. This is the Catalog App Manager, it allows you to edit the content and features displayed on your Catalog Kiosk.

Step 6 - Navigate to Devices

After logging in, navigate to the device management page of the Catalog App Manager by clicking Devices in the navigation menu bar at top of the page.

To update the pricing on an individual device, click on the name of the device (1), to update pricing on a group of devices, click on the gear for the desired group (2).

Please Note: If updating websites on an individual device, Settings on the Device detail screen will need to be selected.

Step 8 - Edit Store-to-Shopper Settings

Navigate to the Store-to-Shopper drop-down menu, and ensure that Send is selected for both email and text message options.

Need additional help? Contact us at support@wondersign.com or Toll Free 1-855-408-9966.

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