The kiosk also provides the ability for customers who are shopping with the kiosk to send the basket of items they're interested in to a store email address. This e-mail will contain all relevant product SKU's and simplifies the processing of the order for the customer.

Cart Email Address Configuration

Step 1 - Log In

In the Google Chrome web browser, log in to using your email address and password. 

Step 2 - Navigate to Devices

Navigate to the device management page by clicking Devices in the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Step 3 - Choose Device(s)

The device management page comprises two sections:

  • On the left: A list of all devices activated on your account.

  • On the right: A list of device groups.

To update the websites on an individual device, click the name of the device (1), to update websites on a group of devices, click the Settings button for the desired group (2).

Please Note: If updating websites on an individual device, Settings on the Device detail screen will need to be selected.

Step 4 - Add/Edit Email in Cart Configuration

Navigate to the Cart Configuration section and click the drop down arrow, then add/remove the desired email addresses.

Please Note: If updating the logo on an individual device, click Override in order to update the email addresses.

Step 5

Below is an example of what will be sent to the designated email address when a customer submits Shopping Cart.

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