Step 1 - Log In

In the Google Chrome web browser, log in to

Step 2 - Navigate to Prices

To set the prices on the kiosk, click Content from the navigation menu across the top, then choose Prices.

Step 3 - Manage Everyday Prices

Under the prices section on the right side of your screen select Manage Everyday Normal Prices.

Step 4 - Choose How to Manage Prices

Once in the price management console, choose the following method of how to manage prices:

  1. Import pricing from file allows a custom spreadsheet of prices to be uploaded.

  2. Pricing setup in the Base Rule is considered “global”, and the pricing rules will apply to all products in all categories.

  3. Category Rules allow prices to be set for a specific category/subcategory of items e.g. Beds.

  4. Product Rules work the same way that category rules do, the key difference is that the changes made in product rules only apply to specifically chosen SKUs.

Please Note: The remaining steps in this article are for editing a Base Rule. Read additional instructions on how to manage the other pricing rules.

Step 5 - Retail and List Prices

After clicking Edit Base Rule, both the retail & list prices can be adjusted:

Step 6 - Editing Base Rule

Begin by choosing which calculations to adjust pricing with:

  1. To Show retail prices switch to Blue. To Hide retail prices switch to Grey.

  2. When setting the global base rule, always select Cost-Based from the dropdown. The other option is "fixed price", which will be relevant when setting category or product rules.

  3. Choose between multiplier, gross margin, or markup
    Multiplier - multiplies the wholesale/landed cost with the factor entered into the field
    Gross Margin - the percentage difference between the selling price and the profit
    Markup - the percentage difference between the actual cost and the selling price

If desired, the rounding tool dropdown will round the price up or down to a specific number.

Once completed adjusting the retail and/or list pricing, click Done in the bottom right corner. This will save any changes.

Please Note: The list pricing works the same as the retail pricing. As a general rule, always ensure the list multiplier will result in a higher cost than the retail multiplier.

Step 7 - Reviewing Pricing Rules

Once the desired pricing perimeters have been entered, the pricing rules can be reviewed by clicking the navigational arrow. If the terms are not correct, they can be adjusted by clicking the Edit Base Rule icon.

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