The Share & Shop section of the Analytics screen provides you with detailed information on the emails and text messages that are sent from the kiosk.

Step 1

In your web browser, go to and sign in using your email address and password.

Step 2

Navigate to the Analytics tab from the Navigation pane, and choose Share & Shop.

Step 3

To view the text message and email sent from a specific kiosk, click on the Devices drop-down and select the device name from the list.

Step 4

To view email and text message information from a specific time-frame, click on the Time Frame Selector and select the requested time frame from the drop-down list.

Step 5

The Analyze page provides the ability to export text message and email data into a CSV or XLS file. To export data, choose a specific date range. Next, choose the format the data should be exported to.

Step 6

Once the report is exported, the following data can be viewed:

  • Type of Communication

  • Date And Time

  • Recipient

  • Customer Name

  • SKU

  • Product Name

  • Device Used

  • Employee Name

  • Comments

Please note: Depending on the local laws in effect at the location of your business you might not be allowed to use these email addresses and phone numbers for marketing purposes. Always check your local laws prior to using customer data.

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