When shoppers are browsing items on the kiosk, they can share information about specific products via email to friends or family. Catalog Kiosk collects all responses from the shared products to provide the store with insight into what the reply messages state, so the order can be processed.

Step 1 - Log In

In the Google Chrome web browser, log in to my.catalogkiosk.com using your email address and password. 

Step 2 - Navigate to Devices

Navigate to the device management page by clicking Devices in the navigation menu at the top of the page:

Step 3 - Choose Device(s)

The device management page comprises two sections:

  • On the left: A list of all devices activated on your account.

  • On the right: A list of device groups.

To update the websites on an individual device, click the name of the device (1), to update websites on a group of devices, click the gear for the desired group (2).

NOTE: If updating websites on an individual device, click Settings on the Devices screen.

Step 4 - Add/Edit Email in Store-To-Shopper Communication

Navigate to the Store-To-Shopper Communication section and click the drop down arrow, then add/remove the desired email addresses:

NOTE: If updating the logo on an individual device, click Override in order to update the email addresses:

Step 5

Once the customer sends an email through the kiosk, the recipient will receive the below message. (Note the reply email address)

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