In this article, you will learn how to upload your store logo as an image file in the Catalog App Manager (CAM). This will allow you to customize your kiosk devices with your store logo that will display instead of default the Home icon in the top left corner of the Catalog Kiosk app. 

Best Practices When Selecting and Uploading a Store Logo Image:

  • A wider logo will work a lot better than a logo in a square or portrait format.

  • Logo image files that exceed the maximum dimensions are resized proportionally to height.

  • The minimum image height is 150 pixels to ensure the logo looks clear and sharp on all our supported devices.

  • Upload the logo image file as a PNG file format to allow transparency around the image and optimize the appearance. 

  • The maximum available logo space is 15:2 ratio. For example, 1500 x 200 pixels or 1200 x 160 pixels.

  • Remove any additional white space (safety areas) around the logo image file.

NOTE: The Catalog Kiosk calculates the logo safety zone so there will always be a gap between the edges to ensure the image appears as big as possible on the kiosk.


Use your Google Chrome web browser to complete the following steps:

1.  Log into the Catalog App Manager using your email and password credentials.

2.  Click the Devices tab in the top navigation.

3.  Click the Settings button from the Device Groups side panel on the right for the devices you wish to customize with your store logo. 

4.  Click the Branding & Theming tab to expand the menu.

5.  Click the Choose an image button in the Store Logo field to add the logo image.

6.  Add your store logo image either from your Local Files or a Direct Link using the steps below, then proceed to Step 10.

Logo Image Format and Size Guidelines

  • The recommended file format is PNG.

  • The maximum file size must be less than 100MB.

  • The maximum image height is 200 px and the minimum is 150 px.

  • Image width is resized proportionally to the height. 

  • The logo image file is resized proportionally to fit the container.

Add the Image Via Local Files 

7.  Click the Choose a local file button on the Local Files tab.

8.  Find and select the logo image file you wish to upload from your local files.
9.  Click the Open button.

7. Click the Direct Link tab in the left side panel.

8.  Enter the hyperlink into the Files from the Web field to link to the logo image. 

9. Click the Upload button.

10.  Verify you wish to "Add this image?" in the Preview tab.

11.  Click the Add button to upload the image.

A thumbnail image displays of the uploaded logo in the Store Logo field in the CAM.

NOTE: Click the Remove button in the Store Logo field if you wish to delete and/or replace the existing logo image.

12. Click the Save Changes button in the top right corner to save the uploaded image file as the store logo in the Device Groups > Settings in the CAM.

A message displays, "Device Group Saved" to confirm changes have been saved.

NOTE: The Catalog Kiosk application synchronizes product and device data on a nightly basis. If you would like to apply changes in real-time, use the Devices page to synchronize your devices manually.

13.  Click the Devices tab in the top navigation.

14. Click the Sync all devices button to sync your devices. 

Catalog Kiosk App 

The Catalog Kiosk app now displays the custom store logo in the top left corner of the device screen.

Learn More about Customizing Your Device Appearance

Refer to Customizing the Appearance of Your Catalog Kiosk App article to learn more about how to customize the appearance of the app. Click the button below to view more detailed information on managing your device groups and settings in the Catalog App Manager (CAM) User Guide.


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