Adjust the thumbnail sizes of items and collections in the Preview pages in the Catalog Kiosk app. Use the Catalog App Manager (CAM) to configure the default Collection and Item Thumbnail Sizes view settings to:

  • Compact: Collections and items are displayed in smaller thumbnail images with more information (title, style, and/or description) available per page. 

  • Large (default): Collections and items are displayed with larger thumbnail images and less information (title, style, and/or description) available per page. 

NOTE: You and your guests will still have the ability to temporarily change the view and adjust images sizes while using the Catalog Kiosk app. Once a session expires the device resets to the default configurations from the CAM.


Follow the steps to change the default view settings in the CAM:

1.  Log into the Catalog App Manager (CAM) using your email and password. 

2.  Click Devices in the top navigation. 

3.  Click Settings in the Device Groups side panel on the right.

4.  Click Advanced Configuration to expand the section.

5.  Use the Item Thumbnail Size and Collection Thumbnail Size fields to adjust the size of the thumbnail images in the Catalog Kiosk app.

6.  Click Compact or Large to modify each field (as applicable).

7.  Click Save Changes at the top of the screen to update the device settings.

8.  Click Devices in the top navigation.

9.  Click Sync all devices to update your devices with the new image sizes.

Catalog Kiosk App

The Catalog Kiosk app is updated to display the new view settings with either Compact or Large thumbnail images for the Collections and Items tabs.

NOTE: Learn how to change the view of thumbnail images at the device per user session in the Changing the Collections and Items Thumbnail Image Sizes Viewed in the Catalog Kiosk app article.  

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