In this article, you will learn how to import custom SKUs for products using a CSV file upload in the Catalog App Manager (CAM). This allows you to obfuscate or disguise a product SKU within the Catalog Kiosk app, making it more difficult for your guests and/or competitors to cross-shop for items by brand or manufacturer. By adding custom SKUs, you can control the SKU that displays for each item at the kiosk and still link products to the latest updates from the brand data feed in the CAM.


Use the steps to create a custom CSV file and upload custom SKUs for your products in the Catalog App Manager (CAM).

Create a Custom CSV File

Before you begin, create and prepare the custom SKU file that includes your products listed in two columns with the SKU and Brand. Add a column for Custom_SKU to include the customized SKUs you wish to display on your Catalog Kiosk app. 

1.  Create a Custom_SKU CSV file with the following required columns:  

  • SKU: Identifies product SKU from the manufacturer data feed source.
  • Brand: Identifies the manufacturer where product data feed is being consumed.
  • Custom SKU: Add the customized product SKU to display for products. 

2.  Add the Custom SKU column data for the associated products that you wish to edit/modify from the product data feed in the spreadsheet. 

3.  Save the Custom_SKU.csv file to your desktop for upload into the CAM.

NOTE: The data columns shown will vary depending on the columns in your CSV file and custom import procedure being performed (i.e. SKUs, Names, and Sort Order).

Import Custom SKUs into the CAM

4.  Log into the Catalog App Manager (CAM) with the email and password credentials.

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5.  Click Content in the top navigation.

3.  Select Products from the Content drop-down menu.

NOTE: Depending on the features enabled for your account, the Import Custom SKUs and Import Product Names options may be available in the CAM.

4.  If the Custom SKU column does not display on the Products page in the CAM, click the Columns link in the top right corner. Check the Custom SKU checkbox to update the spreadsheet with the column.

5.  Click Import Custom SKUs to upload the custom SKU data for your products.

The Import Custom SKUs window opens.

6. Click Choose File from the Select File field.

7.  Find and select the Custom_SKU CSV file from your local files/desktop that contains the SKUs, Brands, and Custom_SKU information you wish to import.

8.  Click Open.

The Custom_SKU.csv file name displays in the Select File field once uploaded.

9.  Verify the CSV Has Header Row checkbox is and should be selected. For example, the following CSV file has a header row.

NOTE: If your CSV file does not contain a header row, click the CSV Has Header Row checkbox to deselect it. 

10. Click Upload.

The Import Custom SKUs window updates to display your imported data. 

10.  Verify the fields match your uploaded data columns to map the product SKUs, Brand, and Custom SKU in your CSV file.

NOTE:  If you have previously uploaded custom SKUs for a product that is also included in the new Custom SKU upload file, the old custom SKU will be retained unless the Importing of custom SKUs will overwrite any existing custom SKUs for matching products checkbox as is, unchecked. 

11. Click the Importing of custom SKUs will overwrite any existing custom SKUs for matching products checkbox if you wish to overwrite the custom SKUs for any products in CAM that are included in the new Custom SKU CSV file upload.

12.  Click Import.

A message displays, "Your custom SKUs were successfully imported."

13.  Click Close

The Products page reappears with the product details spreadsheet.  

14.  Click Content in the top navigation.

15. Select Products from the Content drop-down menu to refresh the Products page with the imported custom SKUs.

NOTE: Use the Column Headers in the spreadsheet to sort products by Updated or Custom SKU to view the custom SKU products based on the most recent updates. 

The Custom SKU column updates to show the new customized SKUs for each product imported in the CSV file with the associated SKU and Brand information.

Need Help Importing Custom Names

Use the Import Product Names feature to upload customized names for products instead of the titles or names used in the manufacturer or brand data feeds. Learn more in the Importing Product Names in the Catalog App Manager article.

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