In this article, you will learn how to configure the Product Type filter to further refine your filter options when browsing through the Catalog Kiosk. This  filter allows your guests to shop product type. Enable the Product Type filter in your Catalog App Manager Device Group Settings.


Follow thesee steps to enable the Product Type filter in your Catalog App Manager (CAM):

1. Log into the Catalog App Manager (CAM) using your email and password credentials. 

2.  Click the Devices tab in the top navigation. 

3.  Click the Settings button in the Device Groups side panel on the right.

4.  Click the Advanced Configuration menu to expand the section.

5.  Click ENABLE in the Enable Product Type Filter in Filter List field under the Advanced Configuration settings.

6.  Click the Save Changes button at the top of the screen to update the settings.

This change will appear on your Catalog Kiosk after the automatic overnight update. If you would like to see this update sooner, follow the directions below to perform a manual update:

1.  Click the Devices tab in the top navigation.

2.  Click the Sync all devices button to update your devices with the changes.

Using the Product Filter in the Catalog Kiosk App 

The Catalog Kiosk app displays your Product Type Filter configuration. Use the steps below to access the Category Grid page:

Tap a category tile to browse for an item or product for a selected category.

The Category page opens to display the related items and collections for the selected category. Tap a category/filter in the Category filter in the left panel to refine the search results.

NOTE:  The Collections tab displays first by default. Refer to the Configuring the Preferred Category Tab Order in the Catalog App Manager article to learn how to change the preferred order of the Collections and Items tabs.

Example: Product Type Filter Enabled

If the Product Type filter is enabled, tap a Type to narrow the search results as shown below.

Example: Product Type Filter Disabled

If the Product Type filter is disabled, tap a Category then expand additional filter options below such as Price, Brand, and more

Use the Search Field to View the Product Type Results

 Alternatively, you can enter a search term in the Search field in the header bar.  

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