With the BlueCore integration, your guests can sign up for promotional emails directly on kiosks and tablets, by either using the Hamburger menu during browsing, or in the checkout process.

Signing up for Promotional Emails Using the Hamburger Menu

Tap the Hamburger Bar icon () in the top right corner of the screen to display the side panel.

The side panel will display the option to Sign Up For Email.

Tapping Sign Up For Email will launch the Sign Up For Email form, where your guest can enter their email address. Your guest needs to confirm that they have read and agree to the terms to acknowledge the terms of service, and tap the Sign Up button to start receiving your promotional emails.

Signing up for Promotional Emails During Checkout

Your guests can also sign up for promotional emails during the checkout process.

See Using the Checkout Options in the Shopping Cart for the different checkout options available.

On the checkout form, simply have them tap the checkmark next to Opt in to receive promotional emails, and tap the Submit button.

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