You have the ability to manage how items priced at $0 are displayed in your Catalog Kiosk App. This is useful for the case of custom $0 SKUs for shipping, accessories, protection plan, etc.

Default Settings:

The default settings for this feature helps prevent you from accidentally displaying items that don't have a price or are at $0 by error. Use the instructions below to change these settings if you desire.

Please note: For customers using Stripe Mobile Checkout, your settings will appear a bit differently. Please visit our article Mobile Contactless Checkout Using Stripe.


1. Log into the Catalog App Manager (CAM).

2. Click Devices in the top navigation menu.

3. Click Settings in the Device Groups section.

4. Click the Price Display section to expand it.

5. Choose your preferences for the following $0 pricing settings:

Show products that are priced at $0 - select SHOW if you would like $0 priced items to appear on your Catalog Kiosk App.

Show prices for products with $0 pricing - select SHOW if you would like to display the $0 price value for items priced at $0.

Show basket total if any product is $0 - select SHOW if you would like the shopping basket to calculate the total when a $0 item is added to the basket.

6. Click the Save Changes button.

The changes will be synced to your devices overnight during the next scheduled sync. To sync your devices immediately follow the next step.

7. Click Devices in the top navigation menu.

8. Click the Sync all devices button.

How it Looks In the Catalog Kiosk App

Hide $0 Price and Don't Calculate Basket Total

In our example below, the Free Delivery SKU does not show the $0 price of the item and the shopping basket total is not calculated.

Show $0 Price and Calculate Shopping Basket Total

In this example below, the Free Delivery SKU does show the $0 price value and the basket total is calculated with this price.

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