If an exclamation point is displayed on your kiosk together with the message "Let's step you through the recovery process", follow the instructions below to resolve the issue.

This simply means that the unit has lost its enterprise enrollment and needs to be wiped/reset. This can happen on sudden power loss due to lightning storms or when unplugging the unit without powering it down.

Parts Required

Before starting, gather the following parts:

  1. USB Keyboard

  2. Paperclip


Step 1

Connect the USB Keyboard to the Chromebox.

Step 2

Press the down arrow key and select Advanced Options.

Step 3

Select Enable developer mode.

Step 4

When the below screen appears, press the recovery button (red circle below) by pushing a paperclip into the Chromebox recovery button hole.

Step 5

When the below screen ("You are in developer mode") appears, press the down arrow key and select Boot from internal disk.

Step 6

The below screen appears while transitioning into developer mode.

Step 7

When the below screen ("You are in developer mode") appears, select Return to secure mode.

Step 8

Select Confirm.

Step 9

Once powered on, the Chromebox will display the first setup screen. Press the Tab key on the keyboard to navigate to the "Select a Network" section. After configuring your WiFi connection, select Continue.

Please Note: If you are using a wired LAN connection, there is no need to choose a WIFi network; the Chromebox will connect automatically.

Step 10

Please read the Google OS Terms carefully, and then select Accept and Continue.

Step 11

Once the login screen appears (see below), depending on the model and type of device, choose from one of these two options to get to the enrollment screen:

  • Option A: Press Ctrl+Alt+E on your USB keyboard.

  • Option B: Click More options - Enterprise enrollment (not available on Chromebook tablets)

Step 12

Once on the Enterprise Enrollment Screen, enter the login credentials for the Wondersign Catalog Kiosk application.

Enterprise Enrollment Login Credentials

User Name: catk-enroll@wondersign.com

Password: wondersign

Step 13

After successful enrollment, the below screen will appear. Press Enter to proceed.

Step 14

The Chromebox will automatically install and launch the Wondersign application. You can now unplug the USB keyboard.

Step 15

Once the application is launched, the device will download any updates, and resume normal operation. If a 6-digit pairing code appears, go to How Do I Activate a Device with the Pairing Code for information on how to pair it.

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