When you use Wondersign Integration to sync data to Shopify, there are specific required fields in order for your products to be created in your Shopify store. This is important when you create custom products in your Wondersign account.


Shopify Plus Plan required for Direct Sync integration.

Required Fields for Custom Products

A custom product created in CAM should have the following product properties:

  1. "name" - required

  2. "brand" (manufacturer) - required

  3. "sku" - required

  4. "category" - required (cannot be empty due to Smart Collections and Tags in Shopify)

  5. "productType" - optional (should be present due to specific functionality in Shopify.)

    • According to Shopify's documentation, it is "categorization for the product used for filtering and searching products."

  6. "description" - optional

  7. "itemWeightLbs" - required

  8. "image" - optional

  9. "additionalImages" optional

  10. "listPrice" - optional

  11. "retailPrice" - required

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