Podium and Wondersign both use Twilio to route text messages through the customer's carriers to successfully deliver the link to their cart. Twilio will block messages that appear to be spam to protect mobile users. In some cases the link used to identify the cart will be marked as spam and fail to send the message. In addition, carriers filter messages to enforce the rules, as well as prevent spam and other forms of abuse.

Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • Login to your Podium account.

Getting Started

1. Navigate the the Workflows tab once you are logged into your Podium account.

Podium Workflows

2. Select Workflow Monitoring on the left-hand side.

Podium Workflow Monitoring

3. Using the filtering options you can search for Failed messages.

Podium filter failed messages

These messages may need to be resent or sent to email as an alternative communication to the customer.

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