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How Do I Use the Shopping Basket Feature?


The basket (or wish list) feature allows consumers to select and save merchandise to a shopping basket. They can compare and review their selections, make necessary modifications (delete items), see the grand total, and send the entire list to a pre-defined email address at the store. Follow the steps below for using the kiosk's basket feature:

Quick Links

  • Configuring the Kiosk's Basket Settings (email address, timeout settings, etc)




Step 1

When browsing items, products can be added to the basket by pressing on the "Add to Basket" Icon on the product page:




Step 2

The contents of the basket can be reviewed and submitted to the store by pressing the kiosk's Basket icon in the top right corner. Once the Basket icon is pressed, the following screen appears:

  1. Use the arrows to adjust the quantity of items in the basket
  2. Use the Send to Email button to forward the basket contents to a specified email address
  3. The Start Order button will generate an email to a specified store email address that will contain the SKUs and product pricing for ease of checkout




Step 3

Once Start Order is pressed, the kiosk will prompt the user to enter information relevant to the sale. These items can be used to trace the specific basket email to a customer, and to track sales activity through the kiosk the store:




Step 4

The store will receive an email detailing the contents of the basket, as well as all associated SKU's.




Step 5

If a customer walks away from the kiosk without clearing the basket, the kiosk will automatically clear the contents of the basket after 10 minutes of idle time. To disable this feature, or change the idle time threshold, press on the kiosk's logo on the top left corner of the screen for 10+ seconds.




Step 6

For instructions on how to adjust the basket settings (email address, timeout settings, etc), visit the following help article: 


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