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Prices on the Kiosk are Wrong


The prices that the kiosk displays are based off of options and settings chosen within the Catalog App Manager:

  • For instructions on using the pre-set pricing calculations (multiplier, gross margin, markup) and price rounding tool, visit Managing Prices on the Catalog Kiosk.
  • If using custom prices instead of the multiplier, visit Setting & Editing Custom Prices.
  • If the correct prices have been set, ensure the kiosk has been manually updated. For instructions on how to perform a manual update, visit Manually Update Kiosk to Reflect Catalog App Manager Changes.
  • The Catalog Kiosk uses base pricing (included freight & discounts). To switch from base to wholesale, contact the Wondersign support team via email at support@wondersign.com, or via phone at 855-408-9966 (Opt 2) Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm.



Need additional help? Contact us at support@wondersign.com or Toll Free 1-855-408-9966.

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