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Legacy Doc - Getting Started With The Catalog App Manager


The following process provides instructions for walking a customer through getting started with the Ashley Catalog App Manager

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Accessing the Catalog App Manager

Step 1

In a web browser (preferably Google Chrome) visit http://ashley.catalogkiosk.com




Step 2

Enter user name (your email address) and password that you received in an automated email from Catalog Kiosk and hit LOGIN to access the manager console.


Please Note: An email with email address & temporary password is sent to each authorized user. If email was not received, check spam/junk filter. If customer doesn't know their password, follow "Forgot Password?" link.



Step 3

Upon successful login, the Accounts page will be displayed:





Configuring Your Account

Step 1

Begin the customization of the kiosk by Uploading a Store Logo. The store logo will be displayed in the upper left corner of the Catalog Kiosk screen.

To upload the logo, click "Upload New Logo" as indicated below:



Please Note: The image file must be less than 300 KB. If you experience issues uploading a logo, visit the following help article: Logo Upload Doesn't Work



Step 2

Continue customizing the kiosk by Adding Websites that can be accessed directly from the kiosk. To do so, navigate to the "Configure Websites" section on the bottom left portion of the Accounts page.

To begin adding websites, click "Add Website" in the section indicated below:


Please Note: For more information on Configuring Websites,, visit the following help article: Adding & Managing Websites on the Kiosk



Step 3

Next, Configure the Email Addresses that will be used for emails sent from the kiosk. To do so, navigate to the "Configure Email" section on the right side of the Accounts page.


Definitions of each field are as follows:

  • Store Name for Emails: This is the store name that is displayed in emails and text messages sent from the kiosk.
  • Reply Email Address: When users respond, emails are automatically sent to this address. Use a monitored store email address.
  • Basket Email Address: Enter the email recipient(s) for shopping basket emails that are being sent from the kiosks. Use a store email address your sales associates have access to during the day. You can use multiple email addresses, separated by comma.

Please Note: For more information on Configuring Email Addresses,, visit the following help article: Adding & Managing Email Addresses



Step 4

Next, add a powerful call to action next to each price displayed on the kiosk by Configuring Price Tag Labels. To do so, navigate to the "Price Tag Labels" section in the center of the Accounts page.



Click the Price Tag Label you wish to configure, and once selected, the words and text color that appear on the kiosk can be altered:





Step 5

If you're using Ashley Express delivery program, you may want to display Express-shippable items on your kiosk. Simply flip the switch from "No" to "Yes" in the "Ashley Express Items" section, which is located halfway down the center of the page.




Step 6

The final step on the Accounts page is to Adjust How SKU's Appear in Emails sent from the kiosk. To prevent consumers from cross-shopping, SKUs are automatically hidden on emails and text messages sent from the kiosk. If you would like to turn these back on for whatever reason, choose from the options listed in the "SKU display configuration" section on the right side of the page:


Please Note: For more information on SKU Display Configuration, visit the following help article: Hiding & Displaying SKU's on the Kiosk & Email



Activate & Manage Devices

Step 1

Once the Account page is configured, the next step is to Activate the physical kiosk to the Catalog App Manager. To begin, access the Devices page by clicking the button indicated below:




Step 2

After successful setup of the physical kiosk, a 6-digit pairing code will be displayed on the screen. To activate the device, type the 6-digit pairing code in the "Activate New Device" window on the "Devices" Tab.

Also, choose a name for the device that can be used to identify the kiosk. There are no restrictions or rules regarding naming the device.


Please Note: For instructions on installing the kiosk hardware, please visit the following help articles:



Step 3

Once the device is successfully activated, the device will appear in the "Device Status" Window. All active devices will be displayed in this window.


Please Note: If the device is offline, the catalog is still functional except for updates, email, and text messaging features.



Step 4

This screen also provides the ability to toggle pricing on or off on the kiosk. To enable pricing on the device, check the box next to the device name in the "Display Pricing" window as indicated below:


Please Note: If there is more than one device activated, pricing can be toggled on or off by checking the corresponding check box for each device.



Manage Products & Pricing

Step 1

To manage the full product tree, control which categories and products are displayed on the kiosk(s), control retail pricing, list pricing, and rounding options, navigate to the Products & Pricing page as indicated below:




Step 2

Start with setting up a general multiplier to calculate markup on all products. This can be done from the Retail Pricing section as shown below:



After entering the retail markup multiplier, click Apply to save the changes. Round Price allow prices to be automatically rounded up or down. To enable this feature, check the box and to hit Apply to save the setting.



Please Note: For more information on the Multiplier and Round Price features, visit the following help article: Using the Multiplier



Step 3

The second tier pricing (List Price) can be altered by following the same steps in the Retail Pricing section.:




Step 4

The Device dropdown menu shows all devices active on the account. From this dropdown menu, select which device to edit.




Step 5

Next, choose which categories and products to display on the selected device by checking off the boxes in the "Show" column. This process is simplified by clicking "Select All" at the bottom right corner of the page as indicated below:


To remove certain products or entire categories from displaying on the kiosk, click the Plus button on the far left side to expand each product category, then uncheck the desired box "Show" box:



Step 6

To have all changes load onto the selected device, perform a manual update on the kiosk. For instructions with this process, visit the help article: Manually Update Kiosk to Reflect Catalog App Manager Changes



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