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How Do I Change the Kiosk's Default Language?


If a user wishes to change the default language on the kiosk, this can be accomplished directly on the kiosk. See below for instructions:



Step 1- Tap & Hold Store Logo

 On the top left corner of the screen, tap and hold on the store's logo for 10+ seconds:


Please Note: Do not move your finger or touch any other part of the screen while holding on the store's logo.

Step 2- Change Language

When the logo menu appears, tap the Language Dropdown:


Please Note: The kiosk application is available in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese Simplified, and Chinese Traditional. Shoppers can always switch the language on the fly by using the on-screen menu in the application

Step 3- Close Out

Once the language is selected, click the X icon to close out the logo menu:


 Please Note: Changes made to the default language are applied immediately, the device does not need to be rebooted. Also note that all product information such as descriptions and product titles are based exclusively on Ashley Furniture's official data feed and therefore are not translated.


Temporary Change

If the language change is only meant to be temporary, this can be accomplished by pressing on the language icon in the top right corner of the kiosk, and choosing the desired language (see image below). Following this process enables the kiosk to automatically revert back to its default language after sitting idle for about 10 mins: 




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