What Should I Do With The Pairing Code?


When installing the Catalog Application on a new device, a 6-character pairing code will be displayed on the screen:


The pairing code is used to activate the new device. The steps below provide instructions on what to do with the pairing code:




Step 1

In your web browser, go to my.catalogkiosk.com and sign in using your email address and password.




Step 2

To activate a device on your account, navigate to the Device management page of the Catalog App Manager by clicking on Devices from the navigation menu across the top of the page:




Step 3

Once on the Device management page, select Add New Device:




Step 4

On the "Create a new device" page, enter the requested information for the device, then click Finish:

  1. Choose a name for the device. Choose a unique name that will allow easy identification of the device (i.e. the location in the store).
  2. Enter the pairing code from the device (Click here for instructions on how to download the Catalog Kiosk on a device and obtain the pairing code).
  3. Enter the physical address of where the device is located.
  4. If applicable, choose the Device Group that this device will belong to. (Click here for more information regarding the creation of device groups).




Step 5

The "Device Detail" screen will appear once the kiosk is activated. If customization settings on the device were imported from a Device Group, clicking on the Settings button will allow further customization beyond what was imported from the Device Group:



Step 6

The kiosk will now download all the products and images:




Step 7

 The Kiosk’s “Attractor Screen” will now be displayed, and the Kiosk will be fully operational.


For instructions on setting prices and using the multiplier, visit the following help articles:


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