Connecting a Chromebit to the Wondersign Platform

To get your device activated in the Wondersign system, please follow the steps below.

Step 1

Remove the plastic cap on the Chromebit to expose the HDMI connector, then connect the Chromebit to an HDMI port on the TV using the provided dongle:



Step 2

Connect a USB keyboard to the Chromebit's USB port:



Step 3

Connect the power cord to the Chromebit:



Step 4

Once powered on, the Chromebit will display the first setup screen. Press the Tab key on the keyboard to navigate to the "Select a Network" section. After configuring your WiFi connection, tap on "Continue":



Please Note: If the keyboard does not function, restart the Chromebit by removing the power cord and plugging it back in. This step may need to be repeated 2-3 times before the keyboard will function.

If you see the below screen instead of the Chrome setup screen, your device has been pre-loaded with content and needs to be connected to the internet:


For instructions on connecting the Chromebit to a WiFi connection, follow the instructions in this link: Connecting Your Chromebit to a New WiFi Network


Step 5

Please read the Google OS Terms carefully, and then hit “Accept and Continue”




Step 6

On the login screen appears (see below), press Ctrl + Alt + E on the keyboard to switch to the “Enterprise Enrollment” screen




Step 7

Once on the Enterprise Enrollment Screen, enter the login credentials for the Wondersign Service being used:




Step 8

After successful enrollment, the below screen will appear. Press Enter to proceed




Step 9

The Chromebit will automatically install and launch the Wondersign application




Step 10

Once the download is complete, the device will display a 6-digit pairing code. Once the pairing code is displayed, visit and enter the pairing code in the “Devices” section:



Step 11

Once the device is paired, it will play a demo Wondersign video until content is assigned to the playlist. Write down the pairing code and log in using your Wondersign account at Go to the Devices section, click on Activate New Player and enter the pairing code to activate the player.


Step 12

After successful activation the device will play a welcome animation displaying the Wondersign logo. It is now ready to receive scheduled content immediately. For instructions on assigning content to the playlist, follow the instructions in this link: How to Assign Content to Your Playlist

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