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I Changed the Content in my Playlist, but the Changes Aren't Appearing on My Screen

If you have made changes to the playlist, but aren't seeing them reflected on your screen, follow the steps below to resolve the issue:


Step 1

Ensure you have saved the changes to your Playlist. After saving, a confirmation message will appear in the bottom right hand corner. Once saved, the new content should begin to appear on your screen within 5-10 mins (depending on your connection speed):




Step 2

Check the "Devices" page, and confirm the status of the device's Internet Connection:


If the device is offline, follow the steps in the following help article: Connecting Your Chromebit to a new WiFi Network


Step 3

If device is online, attempt a power cycle of the Chrome device by powering down the device for 10 seconds, then turning is back on. Please note, for a Chromebit, this required removing the cable for 10+ seconds, then returning the power cord (see below).

This action forces the Chrome device to connect with our servers to download new content. Please note, if there is no internet connection, the device will continue to play previously downloaded content, but will not download any changes. Refer back to step 2 if there are Internet Connectivity issues.power.png

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