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How Do I Use the Text Message and E-Mail Functions of the Kiosk?

The kiosk grants users the ability to send specific products of interest to their cell phone or personal email address. This process is outlined below:


Step 1

When viewing any product, tap on the function to send an email or text message:




Step 2

Once the appropriate selection is chosen, users will be required to enter their personal information:


 Please Note: The words that are blurred out in the disclaimers reflect the name of your store.



Step 3

Next, the user will need to accept the terms and conditions, then press Send:




Step 4

The user will receive a text message or email with an image of the product, along with a description of the product and specs:



Please Note: If you would like to control if SKU's are displayed in the email or text messages, instructions are in the following link: Managing SKU Display in E-Mails. Also, you can view email addresses and phone numbers, along with the products sent to each in the Catalog App Manager. Instructions for doing so are in the following link: Accessing Email & Test Message Reports

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