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Enabling & Disabling Ashley's "Direct Express" Items


The Ashley Express delivery program provides a rapid factory to consumer shipping program. Stores that utilize this feature want to display Express-shippable items on the kiosks with a special designation. To sign up for Ashley Express, please contact your Marketing Specialist. Follow the instructions below for enabling or disabling Ashley Express Items:

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Enabling & Disabling Ashley Express Items

Step 1

In a web browser (preferably Google Chrome) log into the Catalog Application Manager



Step 2

Once you have logged in you will be brought to the dashboard, click on "Devices" tab as indicated below.




Step 3

To update an existing Device Group simply select the settings icon as indicated below.



Step 4

Click on the drop down arrow next to "Advanced Configurations", then select the desired option to either Show or Not Show the Ashley Express branding on eligible items.




Viewing Ashley Express Items on the Kiosk 

Once Ashley Express items are enabled Catalog App Manager, items that carry this designation can be recognized by the Ashley Express logo that appears while viewing all the items in a category. The logo will also appear in the bottom corner of the Product Detail page:


Viewing Items in a Category



Product Detail Page



Searching for Ashley Express Items

Finally, when using the kiosk's search function, tap on "Only show Ashley Express items" to limit the search results to only display items that carry the Ashley Express designation.


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