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Setting up a Samsung SSSP Display (D-Series 2014)

Please make sure to upgrade your display to the newest available Firmware version. Wondersign supports 2014 SSSP Firmware versions 1010.0 and newer

TIP: For a fast setup connect a USB keyboard. This makes navigating and entering text easier.

  1. Connect the power cable and network cable (if applicable) to the screen
  2. Select the desired language and press Next
  3. Select the display orientation and press Next
  4. The display will automatically detect your wired network. If you need to set up a wireless network or manual wired connection please refer to the manufacturers' documentation. After network setup, press Next
  5. Set the current Date and Time and press  Next
  6. Set the player type to URL Launcher and press Next
  7. Enter the following URL: https://sssp.wondersign.com and press Done, then press Next
  8. The initial setup is complete. Press OK
  9. The main menu will be displayed. Select URL Launcher and press OK on the remote to start it

Once the internet connection is established, the device will now automatically connect to the Wondersign platform. As soon as this is successful, a registration code is displayed on the screen. Use a web browser to enter this code at https://my.wondersign.com and connect the new screen with your account.

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