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Android App Download and Installation Instructions

You may download and install the current stable version of our Android app here:

Android APK Download

This trial version is provided to you without warranty. It requires an Android 4.x device with an active internet connection in order to fully function. Please keep in mind that this version is not intended to be used in a productive environment. For closed-device kiosk and digital signage applications please contact us at sales@wondersign.com.

WARNING: Please note that running this app for a long period of time may cause a significant amount of Internet traffic on your Android device. If your service provider charges for traffic, particularly if your device uses a 3G/4G LTE connection rather than WiFi, you may need to activate data transfer monitoring or limits in order to keep an eye on the costs.


  1. Download the app and open it to install on the device. You may have to activate the “Unknown sources” feature in the Security settings of the device in order to install this app.
  2. Once installed, launch the app.
  3. A connection to Wondersign will be established and the app will display a 6-character code.
  4. Go to https://my.wondersign.com and enter the 6-character code in the “Devices” section by clicking on “Activate a new player”.
  5. The Android device will be added as a new player and you are now ready to schedule content for this device. Please note that it may take a few minutes for new content to download when a device is initially set up. This depends on many factors, particularly the speed of the device’s internet connection and the type of content distributed.


  1. In a trial installation, the app is running without Wondersign’s Watchdog & Devices Management app. This means that if the app encounters any issues it will have to be manually restarted. It will also not automatically upgrade to a newer version that may be available. These features are only available with  paid commercial license.
  2. To access the administrator’s menu and exit the app, quickly tap the screen 6 times in the center. This will open a password prompt. The default password is ‘123456’. This may be changed in the administrator’s menu.
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