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How To Create A New Playlist

1.  Login to your account at my.wondersign.com.

2.  On the left side of your screen, you will see "+" with "Create New Playlist."

3.  Once you click "Create New Playlist," you will be prompted to name the playlist and also select the orientation of the playlist.  

Please note:  Make sure to name the playlist very specific so that it will be easier to assign new players to the playlist.  Make sure that the screen this playlist will be displayed on is set for the correct orientation.  

4.   After you have properly named the playlist and set the orientation, click "Apply."

5.  Your playlist will now be displayed on the left hand side of your dashboard.  

6.  Make sure the newly created playlist is highlighted, and you can now start adding content to the playlist.  Here's how to add content.


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