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How To Add Content To Your Playlist

1.  Log in to your account at my.wondersign.com.  

2.  After you have created a playlist, you can begin to add content to it.  Here's how to create a new playlist.

3.  Located in the middle of the above image, you can add content to your playlist.  Wondersign allows you to click "Add content to playlist" or simply dragging and dropping content from you computer.  Please Note:  Wondersign automatically converts file formats into the correct format so that you do not have to have files a specific file type.  

4.  Once you click "Add content to playlist," you will be prompted with the Wondersign File Browser.

5.  One the left side of the file browser, you can create new folders.  This allows you to organize all your files that you upload to your account.  

6.  The top folder, MyFiles, will show ALL files that have been uploaded to your account.  

7.  Highlight a new folder you wish to add files to, or highlight "MyFiles" to begin adding files.

8.  In the center of the Wondersign File Browser, you can drag & drop files to it or you can click "Upload Files" at the top right of the Browser.  This will bring up your computer's file browser.

9.  After you have added your files, highlight the files you want to add to the playlist and click "Add Selected Files To Playlist."

10.  After you click "Add Selected Files To Playlist," the files will be displayed when the selected playlist is highlighted.  You can rearrange the order by Click & Drag.  

11.  Once completed, make sure you click "Save Playlist."


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