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How To Set A Playlist Schedule

1.  After logging into your account, select the playlist you want to assign a schedule to.  

2.  On the right side of the page, you will see:

3.  Click on "Create Schedule" to bring up the scheduling tool.

4.  By default, every playlist is scheduled to play all day and everyday.  

5.  Date Range will allow you select certain dates that the playlist will be displayed on your devices.

6.  Weekdays allow you to select which days of the week you want a playlist to be scheduled.  You can select the days by clicking the check-boxes, or you can simply click "Weekend" to play only on Saturday and Sunday, or you can click "Working days" to play during business days.

7.  Time allows you to select the time of day you want the playlist to be displayed.  

8.  After you have selected the schedule, click on "Apply."

8.  Once applied, the schedule will be displayed above "Create Schedule" within the playlist.  Please note:  You can have multiple schedules assigned to the same playlist.  

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