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How To Customize A Template Provided By Wondersign

1.  After logged into your Wondersign account, select the playlist you want to add a template too.

2.  Click on "Add content to playlist" located next to your playlists.

3.  This brings up the Wondersign File Browser.  Select the 2nd tab, which is titled "Templates."  

4.  The Left side of the screen will show all templates that Wondersign provides with your account, as well as company specific templates that have been added for use.  Wondersign provides over 300 templates for you to use.

5.  "MyTemplates" folder will show all templates that you have created.  This allows for easy changes to be made.  

6.  Once you have found the template you want to customize, click the green pen on the top-right of the template.

7.  This will bring up Wondersigns' template editor.

8.  This particular template allows you to change three aspects; the background image, the picture on the left, and the text.

Green arrow - Hovering your mouse over this arrow will allow display "Change Background Image." Clicking this will bring up Wondersign's File Browser to allow you to select which image you want displayed in the background.

Red arrow - Hovering your mouse over the picture will bring up a "Change Image" icon.  This will bring up Wondersign's File Browser to allow you to select which image you want displayed in this area.  You can also Drag & Drop images directly over the image to add it.

Yellow arrow - Hovering your mouse in this area will display the text icon, and you type any information.  Please note:  You will only be able to change the font size within templates.

9.  Once you have changed the template, click "Save" at the bottom of the template editor.

10.  Once you click "Save," you will be prompted to name the template.  Wondersign suggests that you name the template specifically so that all users know which template to change in the future.  

11.  After naming, you can assign it to the current playlist or it can just be assigned to "MyTemplates" for use in other playlists. 

12.  Click "Save" once named.  

13.  This template will now be listed as another piece of content within your playlists.  

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