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Connect Android Media Player to your Wireless Network

1.  Access the main menu of your Android-based Media Player. Consult the manufacturer's instructions on how to do that.

2.  Use the keyboard arrows to navigate to "Wireless Settings" and then press "Enter" on your keyboard.  

3.  The first option is Wi-Fi.  Make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled.

4.  Once enabled, you will see a list of available networks you can connect to.  

5.  Use the keyboard arrows to select the network you want to connect with, and then press "Enter."

6.  Enter the password for the wireless network, and then press "Esc" to hide the keyboard once the password is entered.

7.  Use the arrows to select "Connect."

8.  Once a connection has been established, you will see "Connected" displayed under the wireless network name.  

9.  Press "Esc" on your keyboard until you have exited the main menu.  

10.  Your 6-character code will be displayed momentarily.  

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