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Adjusting the Volume, Resolution, Orientation, & Other Settings on the Device

1.  Log in to your account at my.wondersign.com.  

2.  Select "Devices" at the top of the window.

3.  After opening Devices, on the left you will see all of your devices.  If you have multiple devices, you can search for the device according to name, location, and tags.  

4.  Select the player you want to adjust settings for.  

5.  After selecting the player, you can view the model of the device as well as the current status.  


6.  You will have multiple settings that you can adjust.  Please note:  Depending on the actual device, there might be some more settings that can be changed.

Tags - Create as many tags for each player as  you want.


Location - Set location of the device to receive weather and other information for the area.


Screen Settings - Change the resolution of the display and also switch between Landscape and Portrait mode.


Volume - Set the volume for the display or simply mute it.  Please Note:  This will only affect volume of content within Wondersign.  If the display is switched to a different input, this volume control does not apply.


Notifications - This allows you to enter an email address to be notified if the devices loses connection to the internet.  Please note:  If the device loses connection to the internet, the device will continue to display information from the last update.  


Delete - Delete allows you to remove a device from your Wondersign account.




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