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Hardware FAQ's

Once a device is connected and has received content from my Wondersign account, is the content physically downloaded onto the players?

This depends on the type of device you have connected.  Majority of the tablets and players have some internal storage space that allows for content to be downloaded.  This also allows for the screens to continue playing content should the device lose connection to the internet.

If no content is downloaded directly to players, and the internet connection is lost, what will be displayed on the screen?

The screen will simply look black, as if it is turned off.

Does some hardware come with a WiFi option, or do they have to be hardwired?

Most screens/players do offer a WiFi option, so that they can be used in places where there is no cable access.
How do I add a new player to my Wondersign account?

After you have setup a account with Wondersign, select “Devices” at the top of the page.  On the left side of the page, you will see a button that reads “+ Activate New Player”.  After clicking, a textbox will be displayed asking for the 6-digit pairing code that is displayed on the newly connected player.  Enter the code, and wait for the screen to say that the device has been connected.
How long does it take to activate a new player?

Not long at all! This happens within a few seconds after code has been entered.
Do I have to add the Wondersign application directly to the player?

On some of the players, yes. If your player does not come preloaded with Wondersign, please visit the “Support” section on our website which has detailed instructions for installing Wondersign on your player.
Can I remotely restart a screen or player from my Wondersign account?

Currently, only the Samsung Software-on-Chip displays allow users to remotely restart the screen from your Wondersign account.
If I add a second screen to my digital signage network and send an existing playlist to it, will the two devices be in sync?

No.  Each device receives content and starts playing at different times. 
If I am managing players in multiple locations, is there a way I can tag each player based on criteria of my choice?

Absolutely!  Once you have added a new player, find the player under the “Devices” tab.  You will see a “tag” option, and you can set tags titled however you’d like.
Can I set the location of a player for time and weather purposes?

Of course!  Wondersign allows you to set the location of the player, so that it will display the correct time and weather information. 
Can I change the resolution of a screen remotely?

Yes! This option is located under “Screen Settings” of the individual player. 
Can I change the orientation of a player after I have already selected one?

Yes! This option is located under “Screen Settings” of the individual player.
Can I adjust the volume of a player or simply mute it?

Yes you can!  Within the options of the individual player is “Volume.”  This will allow you to preset the volume or you can simply check “mute” so no volume will come from the player. 
Does Wondersign show me if a device is offline?

Yes! When you open Devices, you will see each player you have added to your network displaying if it is online or offline.
Does Wondersign support any analytics software?

Yes! Wondersign fully supports IntelliSense analytics. IntelliSense is an automated audience measurement tool that collects and delivers metrics and analytics from the offline world enabling context aware-messaging. 
Is Wondersign capable of incorporating different triggering capabilities?

Of course. Depending on the type of applications, notifications can be triggered by many different actions.
Does Wondersign have support for interactive kiosks?

Absolutely! Wondersign supports touch-enabled devices for kiosk applications that are built using simple HTML5. 

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