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Preconfigure IAdea media appliances for use with Wondersign

Applies to:

  • IAdea XMP-3250
  • IAdea XMP-3350
  • IAdea XMP-3450

Below are instructions on how to preconfigure IAdea media appliances to work with Wondersign. The media appliance must be in its "Factory Reset" state and you will need a USB flash drive that is formatted to FAT32.  

1.  Unzip WondersignPreconfig.zip and copy the contents to the USB flash drive.

2.  Connect the IAdea media appliance to a display and turn the device on.  Do NOT connect the device to your network just yet.

3.  Once started, wait until the screen displays the below image.

4.  Plug the USB Flash Drive into the appliance.

5.  The first part of the configuration has already taken place and the appliance will begin to reboot. Once it has rebooted, wait until the below image is displayed.

6.  Remove the USB flash drive from the appliance. Wait a few seconds, and then plug the USB flash drive back into the appliance.

7.  If you see the following image, the configuration is complete.

8.  Remove the USB flash drive and disconnect the power. The media appliance is now ready to be shipped to the customer, or you may go ahead and connect it to the Internet for immediate use.



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