Firewall Settings For Catalog Kiosk

Catalog Kiosk by Wondersign has two requirements to function properly:

  • Power (Regular 120v)
  • Internet Connection (300 kbps minimal bandwidth).

Catalog Kiosk requires direct Internet access and can be connected via Ethernet or Wifi. The kiosk can be placed in your network’s DMZ or VLAN when adding devices to your LAN may be prohibited due to security concerns.

Firewall Rules

In order for Catalog Kiosk to work, your firewall rules should connect to the following hosts and ports:

* 80/HTTP and 443/HTTPS
* 80/HTTP and 443/HTTPS
* 80/HTTP and 443/HTTPS
* 80/HTTP and 443/HTTPS
* 443/HTTPS
* 80/HTTP and 443/HTTPS

Chrome Host Name Whitelist

This section is only applicable to Chrome-based kiosks: large format kiosk 32”, 42”, and 46”.
clients2.googleusercontent. com

To ensure that Chrome devices work with SSL inspection, you need to whitelist the above mentioned host names on your proxy server. For details on how to whitelist host names, please check with your web filter provider.



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