Firewall Settings for PSIN

Public Safety Information Network (PSIN) by Wondersign has two requirements to function properly: Power (Regular 120v) and an Internet Connection (300 kbps minimal bandwidth).

PSIN runs on a Google Chrome device (Chromebox or Chrromebit), and requires direct Internet access and can be connected via Ethernet or Wifi. The device can be placed in your network’s DMZ or VLAN when adding devices to your LAN may be prohibited due to security concerns.

Firewall Rules

For best performance, the PSIN service will run best when it is connected to a network that has unrestricted access, allowing outbound connections to TCP ports 80/HTTP and 443/HTTPS.

If you find that the device is unable to connect or if your security policy requires whitelisting, please ensure to allow outbound connections on ports 80/HTTP and 443/HTTPS for the following hosts (we might ask you to add additional hosts based on service usage):


1 For[country], use your local top-level domain for [country]. For example, for Australia use, and for United Kingdom use

2If you're running Chrome OS version 62 and you're seeing the error "Device cannot connect to any wireless network" or "Network not available," you may need to whitelist the host alt* through your firewall on port 80. If this doesn't resolve the issue, see this full list of hosts to whitelist.


Additional Information

If you are having issues connecting, additional hosts may need to be blocked. If you are using third-party APIs or websites (e.g. weather services or CAD APIs) and/or use a firewall blacklist/whitelist setup, you may need to add additional, specific hosts for these services to work.


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