How Do I Set a Custom Price for One Product?

Step 1

In the Google Chrome web browser, login to




Step 2

Navigate to the Products tab:




Step 3

Use the SKU, Name, or Category field to search for the desired product:




Step 4

Once the desired product has been located, click on it





Step 5

In the Product Detail page, click on Pricing:




Step 6

Choose the pricing type to be adjusted manually by clicking on the price type:





Step 7

The pricing details can be adjusted using the Catalog App Manager's built in pricing calculations:

  1. Choose between Multiplier, Gross Margin, or Markup
    • Multiplier - multiplies the wholesale/landed cost with the factor entered into the field
    • Gross Margin - the percentage difference between the selling price and the profit
    • Markup - the percentage difference between the actual cost and the selling price
  2. If desired, the rounding tool dropdown will round the price up or down to a specific number.





Step 8

Instead of using the calculation methods, an exact price can be entered by turning off the Markup from Cost option, and manually entering the desired amount in the Price field:




Step 9

Once the desired pricing has been entered, click Save Changes:


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