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How Do I Update the Logo and Attractor Screen on My Catalog Kiosk?


To customize the appearance of the kiosk, the Catalog App Manager gives the ability to add a store logo. Once added, the logo will appear on the top left corner of the kiosk screen:


Follow the instructions below to upload a logo onto the kiosk:


Step 1- Log In

In the Google Chrome web browser, login to my.catalogkiosk.com using your email address and password. This is the Catalog App Manager, it allows you to edit the content and features displayed on your Catalog Kiosk:Step_1_copy.pngStep 2- Navigate to Devices and Select Device

To upload a store logo, navigate to the device management page by clicking Devices in the top menu bar. Then, select the device you want to customize by clicking the Gear Icon:

Step1.pngStep 3- Edit Branding

Click the Branding drop-down arrow and select Choose an image:Step2.png

Please Note: If updating the logo on an individual device, click Override in order to upload a new logo.

Step 4- Upload Image From File

On the pop-up window, click the Monitor icon, click Choose a local file to search the computer for locally stored images:step3.pngStep 5- Upload Image From Link

To upload a logo from an online source select the chain link symbol and paste the link that will reference the logo:Step4.pngStep 6- Add Photo

When uploading a photo, click the Add button to attach the logo to the account:Step5.pngStep 7- Remove Upload

The following screen will show once the logo has uploaded to the account. To delete the uploaded file click Remove:step6.pngStep 8- Choosing Screen and Save

The "branding" screen provides the ability to change the screen that appears as customers approach the kiosk. Once you make the necessary changes click Save Changes:step7.png  



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