How Do I Manage the Kiosk's Store-To-Shopper Email & Text Message Features?

Step 1

In the Google Chrome web browser, login to




Step 2

After successfully logging in, navigate to the Device management page of the Catalog App Manager by clicking on Devices from the navigation menu across the top of the page:





Step 3

To update the pricing on an individual device, click on the name of the device (1), to update pricing on a group of devices, click on the gear for the desired group (2).


Please Note: If updating websites on an individual device, Settings on the Device detail screen will need to be selected:




Step 4

To enable or disable the ability to send emails or text messages from the kiosk to a personal email or phone, click on the Store-to-Shopper drop-down arrow and select the desired setting:




Step 5

Next, configure the Sender's Identity. The test entered here will be displayed as the "Sender" on all emails and text messages sent from the kiosk.





Step 6

Next, choose the Sender's Email Address that will appear in all outgoing emails. The address entered here will also receive replies if the customer replies to the email sent from the kiosk.




Step 7

Next, choose the Sender's Phone Number that will appear as the Sender in all outgoing text messages:




Step 8


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