How Do I Import Custom Prices from a .csv or .xls File?

Step 1

In the Google Chrome web browser, login to




Step 2

To set the prices on the kiosk, click on Content from the navigation menu across the top, then choose Prices:





Step 3

Choose which pricing list to import prices to:



  1. Everyday Normal Pricing
  2. A new promo or "sale" price (click here for instructions on creating a promo of "sale" price)
  3. An existing promo or "sale" price

The following steps demonstrate the process for importing pricing for Everyday Normal Pricing.


Step 4

After choosing the pricing setup to import prices for, select "Import pricing from file":





Step 5

Locate the .csv or .xls file where SKU's and pricing are located on the hard drive, then select "Upload":


Please Note: For each product that prices are being uploaded for, the Brand, SKU and desired retail prices must be provided. An optional column for list price can be added and uploaded as well. See screenshot below for details:





Step 6

The import tool will pull information from the columns in the order they were filled out in the .xls or .csv file. Choose which column the information should be copied to:




Step 7

After choosing the appropriate fields to copy the information to, check the box to confirm understanding, then click Import:




Step 8

The Catalog App Manager will automatically grab the prices and apply the to the SKUs listed in the spreadsheet:





Step 9

A summary will appear displaying the number of SKUs that were updated. If any of the SKUs from the imported file did not match with a SKU in the Catalog App Manager, a summary of failed rows can be downloaded (1).

To complete the process, click "Close" (2).


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