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Connect Your Catalog App to Your BigCommerce Store

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The Leading Endless Aisle App Is Now Transactional With BigCommerce

Connect your BigCommerce store to your Catalog App, and help your customers complete their product purchases in your store, on their mobile phones, or online.

The BigCommerce integration allows you to utilize your BigCommerce store as the cloud POS system connected to your kiosk(s), transforming your in-store Catalog App into a standalone, self-service tool.


note.pngPlease Note

You must have Catalog App Manager administrator privileges to perform this integration.


Get the App

  1. In your browser, navigate to the BigCommerce App Store.
  2. Search for and select the Wondersign Catalog Kiosk app.
  3. Click Get This App.
  4. On the installation page, click Confirm to install the app and allow Wondersign permission to integrate with your BigCommerce store.
  5. If you are not already logged in, enter your credentials to log in to the Catalog App Manager.
  6. This will redirect you to the Point of Sale Configuration screen.
  7. Map each of your brands to a Vendor ID using the Vendor ID drop-down menu.
  8. Click Save Changes to link your products between BigCommerce and the Wondersign Catalog Kiosk app.



Activate Online Checkout

  1. Log in to my.catalogkiosk.com
  2. Click Devices in the top navigation.
  3. Enter your Device or Device Group Settings screen.
  4. Click Cart Configuration.
  5. Set the Checkout Method to Online Only or Offer Both Options to enable online checkout.

    Once the setup is complete, a new Checkout Online button will appear in the shopping cart.

    When tapped, the customer is prompted to enter optional information, including an email or phone number.
    Emails and text messages sent from this dialog will include a new Buy Online button.

    When clicked, the Buy Online button redirects the customer to your BigCommerce checkout page, where they can complete their online order.



View Product Online

When the Checkout Online option is activated under Device Settings > Cart Configuration, text messages and emails sent via the Send to Mobile/Email buttons on the Catalog App product pages will also include a new View Product Details button.

This View Product Details button opens your BigCommerce store product details page, where your customer can continue their shopping experience online.


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